Rants of a Giovanni, TR, Mewtwo, and KH fanboy


So, this kind of has been itching in me for the past week or so, and since a glance over Tumblr search didn’t yield any defence for this game, I figured it’s time to get writing. Beware of spoilers for (Re:)Coded and Dream Drop Distance in the following. First of all:



god fucking dammit HOW

the new VA for Mercury in the new Sailor Moon anime is a gigantic fucking bitch

She was part of a “prank” where they tricked a new VA into thinking he was going to get a role and made him travel the country on his own money instead

some of you…

How does she still have a career? I thought Terashima’s career took a huge hit.
Xehanort and his incarnations seem to have a lot of plans that don't really make a lot of sense.


That’s certainly an increasingly common sentiment, if nothing else.

Not sure how I feel about this



Movie 8: "This is Broly. He’s the first and STILL the only villainous Super Saiyan! Let’s give him a fairly fleshed out background story, just enough to tease the audience, a complicated relationship with his father & evidence of a legitimate mental disorder."

Movie 10: "Instead of giving Broly any kind of real closure or development as a character, let’s have a kid piss on him! Oh oh oh and he ONLY says Kakarot!!"

Movie 11: "Haha wow let’s CLONE him"


And now he’s ssj4.
Wait, did Chris finally get hit by copyright?

Wait, did Chris finally get hit by copyright?


I cry because everyone has lost faith in Ridley being a character in smash

Don’t give up hope.







i like how Saukrai literally threw a dead carcass of Ridley on the ground, with the words “Stage Boss" written on it with marker.

As people crowd around the dead space dragons carcass and start beating it with sticks that have “Confirmed for Playability" written on it.


but decoding this whole “it’s a possibility” theory for a playable Ridley is ridiculous. If this is the case, then Yellow Devil will be a playable character too then, right? since he was also confirmed as a stage boss.

It’s Ridley fans like this who, like others, thought Chrom would be confirmed for Smash because “Hey look, Chrom is the main guy for Awakening, they have to have be a playable character too. Oh hey, him and Shulk will be confirmed i bet.”

And then look. We get Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon. Chrom get’s the ultimate boot, because Sakurai knows “this is my project, and i’ll go against what the fans would want to see or predict will be.” Because you know what? He has the right and power to do that.

If this were the case, in which he gives in to what fans hope appear, he would have never admitted Ridley being a boss character, and have confirmed him, alongside other characters fans wanted such as Isaac, Impa, or Geno.

What i’m trying to express here is that Sakurai, in all forms of seriousness, will not care how much fans REALLY want Ridley, and he throws salt into there wounds by confirming he’s a stage boss. It’s denial, and hope that’s powering these people, and it’s all in such vain.

Yes, Yellow Devil was confirmed for a Stage Boss

One of the earliest Pic of the Day’s confirmed he was a Stage Boss.


Ridley has NOT been confirmed for ANYTHNG

There has never been a Pic of the day or an interview or anything where the sentence “Ridley will be a Stage Boss” has been uttered.

It’s like in those Horror Games, That character isn’t counted as dead until you’ve seen the whole body.

And we sure haven’t seen the whole Ridley.

Also Once again this -


Sakurai said he doesn’t want needless discussion and hype for something that doesn’t exist. People don’t get hyped for bosses, they get hyped for characters. So why would Sakurai tease Ridley, a character that has been high on our wishlist since Melee? Why would he not even mention him by name? Why would he only show a shadow, a shadow that reveal the animations are entirely unbosslike, not to mention the behaviour is all off considering the boss is supposed to be representative of the boss fights from the original series? Why would he contradict himself?

I’m not saying I’m right, I could be wrong.

It is entirely possibly that, as you think, a 7 second video with a fixed camera angle showing a highly requested character ambiguously doing nothing of interest DOES actually confirm him as a boss.

For the record…

and also, this guy explains my main points as well on why Ridley would not work at all (in terms of size, and everything else.)


Along with Yellow Devil, and The Mii Ghost Boss; the Ridley in this game, who is a boss (WHO IS BASED ON CLONE RIDLEY FROM OTHER M - THAT DUDES HUGE) wouldn’t work out.

and unless Sakurai is gonna have TWO Ridley’s in smash, one small and one Other M sized (the boss) ; (which think how very DUMB that would be) this whole “Ridley confirmed” thing is a joke. I just really wish people would stop and give up. There’s a higher chance of characters like Geno or Impa getting confirmed than Ridely.

Think about it.

This is the exact same thing.

Oh my god, You ACTUALLY brought up the Too Big argument, ahahahaaaa.

No, that is not a real argument.


I in turn have a real video with points all FOR Ridley.

This whole “Ridley confirmed as a Boss” thing is a joke. I just really wish people would stop and give up.

Dusty pumpkin speaks the truth.

We’ve just announced two new characters who will be joining the fray in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. One is Robin, the avatar from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the other is Lucina, a swordswoman who plays an important role in the same title. I’ll skip over the details.

"What? Not Chrom!?" I suspect a lot of you will ask. Of course, Chrom is quite popular, being the protagonist of FE:A and all. However, I chose Robin and Lucina, and I will elaborate on my reasoning.

Robin appears in the game as a Tactician and functions much like a Mystic Knight (note: FF terminology, but equivalent to magic swordsman). I thought to utilize his all-around nature by assigning swordplay to his Smash attacks and magic tomes to his special attacks—that is, allow him to use magic.

His neutral special is thunder magic that grows stronger the larger you charge it. He uses fire magic for his side special, and wind magic for recovery as his up special. Although Robin doesn’t use dark magic in FE:A, I decided to assign it as his down special. It isn’t the first time I’ve given moves to a character that they don’t use in their respective game in order to capture certain aspects of the original title.

I also implemented the system used in FE:A, in which tomes break after overuse. Likewise, I included a similar system for the Levin Sword, which breaks after a certain number of uses. However, both the tomes and the Levin Sword will quickly regenerate after a set period of time.

Lucina uses the same techniques as Marth, a fighter with whom I’m sure most of you are already familiar. I even went so far as to make their strength, speed, and special attacks almost identical.
However, what sets Lucina apart is the fact that the strength of her attacks is uniform along the blade. Marth’s playstyle emulates the elegant swordplay of a fencer by dealing more damage when he strikes with the tip of his blade, but the damage Lucina deals is evened out. Thus, I think that Lucina will be much easier than Marth for novice players to play with.

I played all the way through FE:A and really wanted to include a character from that rich cast in Smash Bros. Naturally, I considered adding Chrom to the roster, but the decision wasn’t easy by any means.

At the end of the day, Chrom would just end up being another plain-old sword-wielder like Marth and Ike. Compared with other characters, he lacks any unique characteristics.

Conversely, when the idea of including Robin came to mind, conceiving the character was so easy that I immediately saw how it would work. From standards to specials, grabs to throws, all aspects of his moveset just fell into place. Not only did he possess characteristics unlike other fighters, but he also captured the essence of the Fire Emblem series. It was perfect!
In the end, if a game isn’t fun, then there’s no point. Of course, it would be really easy to make a game by churning out a ton of similar characters, but that’s not how I produce games.

Initially, I had considered including Lucina as one of Marth’s alternate costumes. After all, she has a close relationship with him in FE:A. In such cases, even if two characters’ names and voices differ, as long as they function the same way, I assign them as alternate costumes. The Wii Fit Trainers, Villagers, and Robin are examples of this setup.

However, even though Lucina shares her physical stats and techniques with Marth, the characteristics of their attacks differ. When two such similar characters function in an even slightly different manner, I give them a separate spot on the roster since that will affect battle records and whatnot. In that sense, you could say she was very lucky to join the fray!

Since clones are a hot topic right now, I think it’d be a good time as any to explain why clones were added to Melee.
From the neogaf user cednym:
“I can’t remember if I posted this on NeoGAF, and it isn’t really 100% on topic, but I made bullet points of the old 2002 Famitsu translations I found on my old computer pertaining to Melee. There’s some good insight in here, I think. It’s interesting that a lot of these concepts ended up making it into Brawl.
It was decided early on to separate the newcomers into two even groups for balance reasons: fan favorites (as determined by a survey) and unique, unexpected characters.
Bowser, Peach, Mewtwo, and Marth were culled from the fan survey.
Zelda, Sheik, Ice Climbers, and Mr. Game & Watch made up the other group.
Just in case Sakurai couldn’t get approval to use Marth from Intelligent Systems, he had some King Dedede concepts ready as a backup.
Wario placed third in the poll, but with Bowser and Peach pencilled in, Sakurai didn’t want to include 3 Mario newcomers.
Sakurai considered adding a character from Pokémon Gold/Silver during planning, but none of the popular options were feasible.
He thought about having a trainer summon the second generation starters, but there wasn’t time/resources for such a labor-intensive character.
Pichu was promoted as the main Pokémon from those games, but it would have been too similar to Pikachu, so Sakurai passed on it.
Thinking back to Pichu is partly what made Sakurai want to include clones.
Clones were not included in Melee’s planning documents.
Sakurai had a hard time deciding on all of the clones, though some choices came easy like Pichu and Young Link.
Sakurai says that he probably could have finished Dedede in the time it took to make the 6 clones, but he’s glad he was able to beef the roster up a bit.
Wario was briefly considered as the Mario clone, with low speed and high attack power, but Sakurai felt that Wario deserved better.
Dr. Mario made sense for a few reasons: he’s from a critically-acclaimed retro game, the team wanted to include his music, and because a doctor would probably be on hand at an event as violent as Smash Bros.
Wolf was considered as Fox’s clone, but with shared animations Sakurai felt he would just be perceived as a gray-colored Fox, so he went with Falco for his drastically different appearance and excellent jumping capabilities.
Leaf was considered as Marth’s clone, but when Sakurai went to Intelligent Systems for approval they gave him an early look at the GBA Fire Emblem, and he agreed that Roy would be a better fit. Sakurai mentions his fire properties as making him stand out.
Ganondorf was the last character added to the game. He was only included because he was popular, had a similar body type to Captain Falcon, and because Sakurai couldn’t really think of any additional plausible clones.”


As the user said developing 6 clones took as much effort as one character. So no they don’t waste development time.